Biodiversity Center Digitizers


Liliana (Lili) Alvarado

California State University at Fullerton

Fall 2021 – present: Marine Biodiversity Center digitizer

I have been a part of the Natural History Museum for almost two years as a part of the Guest Relations team. I am a recent graduate from California State University Fullerton, I recieved a bachelors in Criminal Justice and a month later became certified as a Domestic Violence Advocate. I’m very passionate about helping my community and I love to learn new things. I look forward to helping R&C in this project and learning more about it and the hard work that goes into this research.


Mike Guevara

Fall 2021 – present: Marine Biodiversity Center digitizer

My name is Mike Guevara I’m a guest relations associate at the Natural History Museum. I have a Bachelors of the arts in Anthropology and have worked on many projects with the R&C department in my years at the museum.


Nancy Yanez

University of California, Riverside

Major: Sociology/Lae and Society, and English

Fall 2021 – present: Marine Biodiversity Center digitizer

Nancy has worked at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County for almost 5 years in the Guest Relations department. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Sociology/Law and Society and a minor in English. She loves learning new things and loves animals.